7 Benefits Of Salt Water Wash Face

In daily life, salt is a common seasoning. But you don't know. Salt can also be used to wash your face. What are the benefits of salt washing? Washing your face with salt water has the effect of bactericidal and antibacterial, achieving deep cleansing, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. What are the precautions for washing your face with salt water? Let's take a look at it.
What are the benefits of salt washing?
1, brighten skin tone
After washing your face in the morning and evening, put a small spoonful of salt in the palm of your hand and add 3~5 drops of water. Then carefully mix the salt and water with your fingers and rub the salt water from the forehead. After a few minutes, when the salt water on the face is dry and white, wash your face with warm water, which can effectively remove the accumulated oil and acne in the skin. If salt water is dripping into your eyes, rinse with water as soon as possible. Avoid skin around the eyes during massage, and sensitive skin should be used with caution.
2, in addition to freckles
Salt can remove facial freckles to a certain extent. Some beauty experts believe that washing face with salt is better than many facial cleansers. Because salt can effectively eliminate the oil, acne, blackheads and dead skin accumulated in the pores of the face when rubbing on the face. In addition to removing dirt, salt also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can accelerate the rate of acne fading. If you add lemon juice as ingredients, you can remove facial freckles.
The specific method is: when washing your face in the morning and evening, add a teaspoon of salt to some lemon juice with whitening effect, add water to dissolve it, apply it on the face, smear from top to bottom from the forehead, and make a ring massage while half-baked. After a minute, thoroughly clean the face with warm water, then apply a moisturizing lotion or continue the normal skin care steps. Every morning and evening, after washing your face, your face will show a rosy and transparent feeling after about a week.
3. Control the secretion of oil in the T area
For the t-shaped area where the secretion of oil is strong, even in the fall, the "oil production" of many oily skins is still continuous. For local areas, apply fine salt to the previously moisturized skin, gently massage for 3 minutes, then use the middle finger to make a squeeze massage from the bottom to the upper part of the nose.
4, remove acne marks and calm the skin bump
Dip a little salt on the fingertips, massage it three times in a spiral shape on the traces or bumps of the acne, and then take enough salt to apply to the area that needs to be “solved”. Wash it after five or six minutes. Note: Do not massage the growing acne.
5, remove rough skin and dark spots
Wet the salt on the face with water and massage for 1 minute. The force is the same as when washing the face. The center of the nose is drawn on the cheeks from the bottom to the top. Then use the fingertips to circle the black spot.
6, improve pore blockage
Do not use cold water when washing your face. Because the skin is cold, the pores will close immediately after being stimulated. The dirt and dirt inside can't be cleaned up. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your face with warm water. After washing your face with warm water, use a soft brush to gently sweep the face back and forth several times to remove some of the dirt inside the pores.
7, cool detoxification, anti-inflammatory sterilization
You can wash your face at night with a fine salt and rub it back and forth at the chin, then rinse it off with water, which can effectively improve the symptoms of skin pores. It is said that since the Song Dynasty, court women used salt water to wash their faces. There are also records in ancient medical books, the salt has the effect of cooling and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal.
Saline wash face precautions
Washing your face with salt water is a good way to remove grease, acne, and keratin and dirt from the skin. After washing your face with salt water, you can make your skin look smooth and delicate, but remember that if the method is not correct, it will only show bad results.
As a common condiment, salt is not a professional cosmetic. It must be used cautiously. The following points must be kept in mind:
The salt selected must be fine salt, or professional beauty salt, do not use the salt that everyone often eats. Because this salt is generally large in size, it will scratch the skin during the washing process, and it will cause peeling in severe cases, so be sure to choose carefully.
People with acne or wounds on their faces should not wash their faces with salt water to avoid tingling and cause secondary infection. Do not use this method for people with sensitive skin.
Brine washing has certain benefits on human skin. Generally, after a week of salt beauty, the facial skin appears fresh and transparent. However, do not use salt water to wash your face frequently. Washing too many times will make the skin dry and the external pollution will be worse.
For dry skin, add some water-soluble massage cream to reduce skin irritation.
Conclusion: In life, if you have the above phenomenon, the editor suggests that you may wish to wash your face with salt water. Washing your face with salt water also has the effect of shrinking pores, astringing your skin, and soothing flushed skin. It can promote the metabolism of the whole skin, prevent and cure skin diseases, and play a better role in self-care.