What Is The Most Beautiful Makeup For Women (Note 5 Points)

The researchers selected female volunteers between the ages of 18 and 26 to take portraits of them. Then 169 male volunteers were given the attractiveness of the portraits in the photos. At the same time, researchers used computer models to simulate the way the human brain visual cortex processes information, trying to find the secret of attraction. The results show that men like women who are "simple". Men think that the fewer women's facial cosmetics and the accessories they wear, the more men think they are more attractive.
However, this does not mean that women should not trim the margins, but simply modify the face.
What kind of makeup does the woman become more attractive to men?
女人化什么妆最漂亮 女人化什么妆最好 男人最喜欢哪种妆
1, light makeup is more lovely
Many men are very puzzled, their girlfriend's skin is good, and the facial features are exquisite, but why do you want to apply makeup on your face, just like the hotel sister. No woman likes to hear the praise of a man who is "beauty after makeup", as if it is difficult to see after removing makeup.
In fact, for all women, a lighter makeup can make the color better and more cute. But the heavy makeup is not fascinating.
2, keep your skin moist
Clear skin is a point that every man likes. Moisturizing work must be done in order to make the skin appear very moist, full of moistening all day, that is, the skin is very clear.
3, clean makeup
Make a simple note that the makeup should be fine and clean, and use a light and moist foundation. Powder is the best choice for makeup, it is thin and light, it can be more durable, reducing facial shine. Use a brush to gently brush the powder when applying. Do not apply it with a puff, otherwise it will be easy to get stuck.
4, facial ruddy
A blush on his face made him feel excited, and blush would make his face rosy and healthy. If you want your face to look smaller, start from the temple and brush your green brush on your cheeks. If the color is light, you can brush it a few times. A good blush is perfect for the skin, it is not easy to fade, and it adds natural rosy and soft luster.
5, sexy lips
Lip gloss and lipstick are the favorite of women, and lip gloss can make the lips shiny and full. A pink lipstick will make the lips more delicate. The transparent watery pink lip gloss is a brightener that can be used for any lipstick, and it does not affect the solid color. Some people's mouths are drooping, which makes people feel heavy and lack of vitality. In fact, as long as the contour of the lower lip is heavier, it can hide the slack of the corner of the mouth.
What kind of makeup does a man like most?
Men feel the sexiest lips
First place Lips that look moist after applying lip gloss 64.5%
Second place Light-colored lips painted in pink or nude, etc. 23.5%
Third place red lips 9%
Fourth place, no lips, 2.5%
The fifth place is very good to jump TONE's fluorescent lips 0.5%
Men’s most wishing girlfriend’s hairstyle
First place long curly hair 41.5%
Second place Long straight hair 39.5%
Third place Short hair 11.5%
Fourth place Ultra short hair 5%
Fifth place explosion head 2.5%
Favorite eye makeup
First place black eyeliner 42.5%
Second place, the eyes of Suyan 25.5%
Third place Eyes with curled mascara 21%
Fourth place smoky makeup 8.5%
Fifth place Eye makeup with strong color such as blue yellow 2.5%
54% think that relatively heavy makeup is not as good as plain