What Is Cotton Candy Makeup,Creating Cute Cotton Candy Makeup

Marshmallow makeup gives people the feeling of being sweet, warm, and able to age, so let's learn sweet marshmallow eye makeup!
化妆的小技巧 什么是棉花糖妆 如何化棉花糖妆
STEP1: The eye shadow we want to use this time is orange. Apply a large area of ​​orange eyeshadow on the eye socket with a medium-sized eye shadow brush to make the sweet breath come.
STEP2: Use the eye shadow brush to apply the golden orange eye shadow to the triangle at the end of the eye, so that the lower eyelid and the upper eye shadow naturally connect.
STEP3: Repeatedly apply the eye shadow at the end of the eye to create a gradient effect, making the makeup more three-dimensional and natural.
STEP4: Use a black eyeliner to draw a slightly thick upper eyeliner from the corner of the eye, and the outline of the eye is slightly extended along the contour.
STEP5: Draw a semi-enclosed lower eyeliner at the corner of the eye with an eyeliner. The end of the eye is merged with the upper eyeliner. Note that the lower eyeliner is thicker and lighter and blends with the eye shadow, which makes the eyeliner more natural.
STEP6: It is more perfect to put false eyelashes at this time. Stick the complete false eyelashes close to the root of the upper eyelashes and extend slightly at the end of the eye.
STEP7: Use mascara to link the true and false eyelashes together to make the eyelashes look more natural. At this time, pay attention to the “Z” shape when applying mascara.
STEP8: At this time, the lower eyelashes should be processed, and the eyelashes should be brushed longitudinally so that the lower eyelashes are naturally long.
STEP9: Apply a small white eye shadow to the lower eyelid near the corner of the eye with a small eye shadow brush to make the eye makeup more transparent.
The Last: Use a large blush to sweep your cheeks under your cheeks, and gently sweep them to enhance your cuteness. At this point, our cotton candy makeup is complete, is it simple and beautiful?
Cosmetic choice
1. First learn to analyze your skin
If you are not targeted, just want to choose some cosmetics that suit you, please confirm your skin quality first:
Dry skin is characterized by small pores, almost no oily surface, and easy to form expression lines, especially around the eyes and lips.
Neutral skin looks healthy and smooth, with a balanced oil and moisture, with few acne and blocked pores.
Mixed skin looks healthy and smooth, only in the T-zone – the forehead, nose, and chin area is slightly greasy, while the cheeks and the outer edge of the face have some signs of dryness.
Oily skin is formed because the sebaceous glands secrete too much oil, which makes the skin shiny. Sometimes the skin will have a sticky feeling after cleaning for a few hours. The other characteristics of oily skin are that the pores are thicker than other skin types, which are easier to block and easy to grow. Pocks and other skin blemishes.
Sensitive skin is susceptible to environmental factors and localized coatings, and the skin is thin and microscopic vessels are visible.
2. Secondly choose the product that suits you.
If you are dry and water-deficient skin, please choose moisturizing cleansing products and rich texture cream. Weekly hydrating mask is essential. When you are young, your skin is delicate, but as you get older, you will feel the skin tightening and scaling. Moisturizing serum and mask can be added to your shopping list, and the disposable mask is also a good choice for lazy MM. If you still need whitening, please do not use a full set of whitening products, it may be more dry, choose a whitening essence to use with your existing moisturizing products, both whitening and moisturizing.
how about it? Is the sweet and sweet type of cotton candy makeup super easy? Hurry and try it. Be a sweet and lovely girl.