The correct steps for makeup

What is the correct step for makeup? Many younger sisters just have to touch makeup and feel that makeup is particularly difficult. Because there are many steps, I can’t start it at all. Let’s learn the correct steps of makeup together today, so that you can make beautiful makeup.
The correct steps for makeup:
1, skin care: no matter what makeup you want to follow, you need to do skin care work at the beginning. From toners, essences, lotions, creams and sunscreens, it’s a must. Sunscreen is the last step in skin care and this is something that all women need to know. Before the subsequent makeup, it is recommended to apply a layer of makeup before the milk, that is, the cream, this will make your subsequent makeup become more docile.
2, the base makeup: after finishing the skin care, you need to apply makeup. The current makeup products are very numerous, with air cushion bb, liquid foundation, foundation cream and so on. A lot of products are dizzying. Choose the right product and apply it evenly on your face with your fingers. After finishing the makeup, for those sisters who have flaws on their faces, you can apply a concealer to cover dark circles and acne marks, which will make your skin look more delicate.
3, set makeup: In order to make your face appear smaller and more three-dimensional, first use the repair pen to retouch the nose or face, or you can hit the highlights to make the face brighter. I want to be ruddy on my face, and blush is also needed. The blush is powdery and liquid, and it is good to choose according to personal preference. Because it is a daily makeup, it is very good to use a powder to set the makeup, and the makeup will be very clear.
4, eye makeup and lip makeup: before decorating the eye to first trace the eyebrows, eyebrows are very important, no eyebrows appear no spirit. Novices use eyebrow pencils to draw eyebrows more easily, and can use eyebrow powder after being skilled. Eye makeup includes three steps of painting eye shadow, drawing eyeliner and affixing false eyelashes. You can choose earth color. Before rubbing lipstick, you can moisturize your mouth with lip balm so that the color is better.
The above is a simple makeup step for daily makeup. You can teach you to change easily by following the steps.