Teach You How To Draw Perfect Peach Makeup

Make up makeup, I believe that every girl has her own care, but not all girls have time to make a detailed makeup, the following tells you how to quickly make peach makeup.
Step1: Choose a BB cream with good oil control effect. Extrusion of the large BB cream on the back of the hand, apply the entire face after the fingertips, then gently push open and keep the force moderate.
Step2: Use the eye concealer to apply it at the dark circles. When you apply it, push it away. The temperature of the finger will make the concealer better fit around the eyes.
Step3: Even if the skin color is evenly white, it does not have a good gloss. Therefore, it needs to be partially brightened by means of pearlescent high-gloss powder. Take a small amount of high-gloss powder on the fingertips and carefully apply it from above the bridge of the nose.
Step4: In addition, apply a small amount of pearl powder under the eyebrows, and open the belly to form a natural brightening effect.
Step5: In order to create a perfect base makeup, choose a good powder with good oil control effect, use the puff to pick it up and gently tap it in the T area, and press it slightly on both sides of the nose.
Step6: Find the gray eyeliner, gently outline the perfect eyebrow from the beginning of the eyebrow, and then fill the brow with the side of the pen.
Step7: First choose pearly white eyeshadow, take a small amount and then smudge it from the middle of the eye socket.
Step8: Use a clean eye shadow brush to pick up a pale pink eye shadow, draw an arc from the middle of the eye socket or the folds of the eyelids, and then spread it down, as shown.
Step9: Find a dark pink eye shadow, brush off the excess powder on the back of the hand, and then draw the eye shadow along the root of the eyelash.
Step10: Select the black core eyeliner, and draw your eyeliner from the eye position to the end of the eye along the eye shape. Slightly thicken the lines in the back half of the eyeliner, knowing that this is the foundation of eye makeup.
Step11: The peach flower makeup is chosen to be thick false eyelashes. Apply a proper amount of glue on the base of the eyelashes and carefully stick it along the eyeliner.
Step12: In order to keep the eye makeup perfect, the lower false eyelashes can not be ignored. Carefully stick the lower eyelashes from the lower eyelids, preferably a small bundle.
Step13: Squeeze a little bit of BB cream on the back of your hand. After tapping your fingertips, press it along the lips.
Step14: Finally, choose a red lipstick and gently spread it along the middle of the lower lip. The amount should not be too much. The fingertips push the lipstick to the lips, creating a natural rosy feel.
Classical peach makeup
Classical peach makeup is finished with BB cream and two-tone loose powder, then apply earthy eye makeup to enhance the charm. The focus of the entire makeup is the blushing method of blushing from the underside of the tibia to the ear, creating a slight sensation on the cheeks.
Sweet peach makeup
Sweet peach makeup pink eyeshadow is the best tool for turning peach eyes. Use makeup brush to rub eye shadow to clean the eyelids and eyelashes. It can dilute blush, apply a touch of tender pink lip gloss to lips, and make lip gloss more than lipstick. It is easy to make a feeling of a doodle lips, and the sweet peach makeup is finished.
Sexy peach makeup
The sexy peach makeup uses the blue-eyed wing-like eyeliner to infinitely extend the charm of the eyebrows of the eyebrows. The eyeliner at the eye socket is also the new trend of beauty on the T-stage this year. In addition, from the cheekbone to the end of the eye, the brush is blushing, the lip is slightly powdered, and the small sex revealed by the eye is invisibly enlarged.