How do you apply a double eyelid sticker to a single eyelid?

How do you apply a double eyelid sticker to a single eyelid? For the sister with a single eyelid, the double eyelid sticker is simply his own savior. After applying the double eyelid sticker, the eyes become a lot bigger, but how do the single eyelids stick to the double eyelids? Today, I will teach my sisters how to stick double eyelids.
How do you apply a double eyelid sticker to a single eyelid?
1. First, prepare a mirror large enough to shine on your entire face. The mirror should be tilted a little.
2, first use cosmetics to stick to the water, wipe your eyelids, clean up some excess oil and dirt on the eyelids.
3. Fix the position on your eyelids with a small fork in a fixed position, and then leave the mark as a reference for gluing. Generally speaking, this position needs to be 3~5mm in the vertical direction of the eyelashes. If it is a small partner in the inner pair, you need to determine the position according to your own requirements.
4. Brush the double eyelid glue on the trace of the fork that was just fixed. If it is already double eyelids, you need to brush more. It is more natural to brush your double eyelids with new pleats.
Double eyelid stickers 5 steps:
1. Pick out the double eyelids with tweezers or an auxiliary fork with double eyelids.
2. Stick the double eyelids on the top of the eyelids in the mirror. Pay attention to the stickers from the eyes. To compress the tape at the end of the eye, this place is the easiest to lift. Be sure to crush it.
3, after posting it has been half successful, the key part is coming. You need to use an auxiliary fork to slowly press your double eyelid stickers, so that the double eyelid stickers are more natural on your eyelids, according to your own needs.
4. After fixing the double eyelids, you will be done. Then you can close your eyes and maximize your eyes so that the double eyelid stickers can put your eyes to the maximum.
5, if you feel that there will be traces of double eyelids on the eyes, it is recommended to apply eye shadow, it will be more natural.