Correct removal of makeup needs to pay attention to a few points

Many MM rushing around the day to remove makeup at night, the body is tired and do not want to move, but still have to force the unloading, there is no shortcut to remove the makeup, the correct removal of makeup needs to pay attention to the following points.
1, dry and sensitive muscle MM remover, generally should choose gel or lotion texture remover products, so as not to cause excessive loss of oil. If you must use cleansing oil, do not use it more than twice a week. Frequent use will damage your skin.
2, the use of cleansing oil must dry your face, rather than wet hands like wet face. Squeeze a proper amount of cleansing oil onto the face, then massage a few times to fully blend the cleansing oil with the make-up, add some water to emulsify the cleansing oil, and finally wash it with plenty of water;
3, eye and lip makeup remover, must use the eye and lip makeup remover special products, and in the process of makeup removal, the action should be gentle, to avoid damage to fragile skin;
4, pay attention to makeup remover products should not stay too much time on the face. After removing the makeup, wash the face with warm water of about 30 degrees. When washing your face, it is best to use running water, which is relatively clean;
5. If you use a good quality cleansing oil and use it correctly, you don’t need to wash your face after using the cleansing oil. If you are pursuing extreme cleanliness and security, you can add water afterwards;
6, when choosing a makeup remover, pay attention to quality, do not use products of unknown origin.