Correct 8 Make-up Mistakes,No Longer Let Yourself Take A Photo

Self-timer is a commemoration of a beautiful life, and the details determine whether your self-portrait beauty is not beautiful. Don’t let the following 6 makeup mistakes leave a regret for your selfie!
Mistake 1: Pre-makeup cream does not give force
Makeup is the focus of self-portrait, and makeup or cream is the foundation of makeup. A good base cream should be moisturized enough to make the foundation look good and avoid floating powder. Of course, the most important thing is to choose the base cream according to your skin type.
Error 2: Draw a black inner eyeliner
Although the black inner eyeliner can make the eyes look more concentrated, it actually makes the eyes appear smaller, making the self-timer effect unsatisfactory. So it’s best to draw a light or even white eyeliner that magnifies the eyes and makes your eyes clearer and clearer.
Mistake 3: No lip balm
On self-portrait photos, the focus outside the eyes is the lips. Before applying lipstick, remember to apply lip balm to increase the moisturization and fullness of your lips, and avoid cracking and peeling after applying lipstick.
Mistake 4: No concealing for the moment
Applying concealer under the eyes is a shortcut to cover dark circles and enlarge your eyes. The color of the concealer is lighter than your skin, so you will naturally shine from the bottom of your eye to the cheekbones.
Mistake 5: Mascara only brushes on the upper eyelashes
When taking a self-portrait, if the upper and lower eyelashes are painted with eyelashes, the eyes will be more concentrated and the effect will be more beautiful. The most suitable self-portrait mascara is the deepest and most dramatic black mascara. When applying mascara, carefully spread from the root to the top, don’t be sloppy.
Mistake 6: Ignore Blush and Shadow Powder
The self-portrait lens’s preferred face is a well-defined face. If your face is not well-defined, you need to add a few shadow powders, and then blush, it looks healthy and charming. Shadow powder should choose a color that is darker than natural skin color. Generally, peach pink is the most natural.
Mistake 7: Eyebrows are not repaired and not painted
There is no thick bangs covering the eyebrows, and eyebrow makeup is especially important when taking a selfie. Sometimes self-portraits in the strong sun will make the eyebrows “bright”, so for the girls with shallow eyebrows, the thrush will be a hundred thousand fires! Otherwise, it may become a weedy madman or a person without eyebrows at any time.
Mistake 8: Eye shadow over blooming
After painting the eyeshadow, I want to smudge it more naturally, but it turns into a big dark circle. The eyes are the windows of the soul. How can such a window take a good-looking selfie? When you smudge the eyeshadow, you must take a clean eye shadow brush again, so that it will not cause more faintness.