3 Tips To Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Makeup

How to make a good look has always been a problem that many loved women are entangled. Modern people's life is getting richer and richer, and the types of makeup are more and more. From Korean makeup to European-style smoke, they can show different charms of women. But what I want to tell you is that the key to the most beautiful makeup is natural. How to make yourself look after makeup can make you look at the makeup that is too obvious.
Tip 1: Oil control and maintenance work before makeup
If you want to make the foundation look natural and nude, apply a skin care product with oil control before makeup. This will enhance the powdery feeling. You can use a milder oil control cleanser to do a thorough cleaning work, but the part below the eye or the law pattern is worn with the remaining powder when it is applied to the bottom. As much as possible, it can reduce the appearance of fine lines.
How to make up and see 3 tips to help you create natural beauty
Tip 2: Light and light liquid foundation + proper amount of powder
To create a nude makeup base, you can also use the sponge to take the oil control liquid foundation to make a base. Gently tap on the sides of the nose and the nose, let the liquid foundation evenly smudge, try to be thin, then, Use a round honey brush to pick up a lot of powder, first gently take a few shots on your arm, then gently pounce on the largest cheek, and bring the rest of the powder to the T-zone, let the powder to create A texture of powdered mist.
How to make up and see 3 tips to help you create natural beauty
Tip 3: Warm eyeshadows to create contours
You can't use the eyeshadow that is too bright and colorful. It is recommended to create a three-dimensional effect on the eye socket through the slightly fine pearlescent eyeshadow, and use the brown color to brush at the end of the upper and lower eyes to make the eye shape longer. Choose the right false eyelashes and strengthen them at the end of the eye to emphasize the contour.